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By | March 6, 2020


Importance of Attitude in Career Growth - Digital John

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

I love this quote which reminds me thinking of little things which lead to perfection but perfection is not a little thing. I learnt the value of little things at a very young age and focused on the value of perfection. I agree that no one can be Mr.Perfect. We are always in the process of learning and evolving; there are important things that we need to focus to excel in our career. Attitude is all that matters for your Career Growth.

TOP 5 Pointers for the best attitude:

Do you know that your life is the reflection of your attitude?

Don’t Waste Time

Whatever you do today has a great impact on the future. Many of us do not understand the value of time. We all know that time lost is lost forever. Do you remember the story of the Ant and Grasshopper? Grasshopper foolishly misuses the time and cries when it was too late. It dies for not gathering the food in summer, unlike the ant. The tiny ant cleverly gathers and stores food and survives the winter. This fable gives us a great lesson that Time is very precious for all of us. We can not waste our productive time while we are still in the process of deciding about our career or at the beginning of our career. This is not the right stage to waste our energies in futile things.

Age is an important factor in our lives and it is wise to use the youth of our life productively. Attitude does teach to use time effectively. No one is an exception as I always say. You could have wasted a lot of time earlier in all the unwanted ways. I advise you to focus on your skills and build the right attitude towards your career. It is never too late to start a good habit. Starting from today prepare a schedule to use your time in the most efficient way possible. Hope you will save extra minutes in a better way right from now.

Know your Talent

No person knew the value of a dry raisin until it was eaten by the first person. He/she has discovered its purpose and now we use both dates and raisins. Everyone has innate talent and you can’t deny my statement. Lucky are those who have their parents, teachers, coaches or friends as the gurus who enlighten the talents and mentor.

Don’t be sad, if you feel that no one is helping you to know your talent. Remember a talent is the skill which possesses from childhood. It can be unnoticed but you know what you are special at! Find that trait which keeps you motivated all the time. If you know what it is then you are lucky. Just fine-tune by practicing every day and within no time, you will be a craftsman. It could be writing, singing, dancing, selling, playing, etc…Once you identify the skill, have a right attitude to excel in it.No can help the one who can’t help himself. I hope you aren’t in that category.


We hardly know the value of our senses and the power of breathing is the least focused trait by us. Doctors often advise us to breathe fresh air and do some breathing exercises to control our emotions. Yes, breathing has a lot of impact on our human emotions. It can transform our negative feeling into a positive one.

Whenever you are stressed out and puzzled just stay calm and breathe some fresh air. This certainly works.

Learn Every Day

Every day is a new day and it throws ample options to learn new things. Even great scientists who invented many things have not succeeded in their first attempt. Electric Bulb, computers, flying machines, etc were not invented on a single attempt. They have failed in most of their attempts in the beginning; however, they were determined to do it despite umpteen failed attempts. Now we totally enjoy those benefits in these modern times.

We must remember that learning is a process and it must be appreciated and practiced until we reach our goal. Never be disappointed when failed in the initial attempts. Perhaps you could have ignored the most basic things which are very important. Cross-check your progress by jotting down your attempts and start to learn from the mistakes.

Be Optimistic

As I look forward, I’m very optimistic about the things I see ahead. Bill Gates

If Mr Gates can be so optimistic about his future and I guess we need to be super excited. Remember it is just the flip of your mind to turn the pessimism into the optimism. All said and done, you could be in such a state that I am just sermonizing the habit. Not really, I have had the worst scenarios.

For instance, Think about a lean body person without limbs begging on the roads from every passerby on a busy road. His only motivation is to feed himself for the day by begging. He hopes from every person but only a few could do the charity. But the lesson we could learn is that he had optimism that he will find a generous person. He keeps doing it … I know my example is very harsh and I am not demeaning the beggar. My point was to tell you that you are lucky enough to have all the senses and with the basic education. There are even more people who are in worse situations. Bottom line is to be optimistic because that is the right attitude which can help you excel in the Career.

There are many other basic principles that can help you to create the right attitude to excel in your career as well. I believe you already have those basics and my purpose in this blog was to help you understand these 5 important points.  Just try to follow my five pointers and try to be a Mr.Perfect!!!

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We appreciate your time and effort to learn and improve your skills. Good luck !!!

Have a bright career.

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