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One of the top 5 digital marketing bloggers in India. Graduated from Vanguard Business School and working as a Digital Marketing Manager now. Interested in Digital Marketing, Technology & Marketing Automation. He does blogging (video & articles) in Telugu language

How Engineer turned Digital Marketer via Blogging?

Written by Gowardhan Doddi, sharing his blogging story to inspire bloggers. My Blogging Journey 2011-2019 In 2011 when I was browsing the internet, I found some advertisements like work from home and earn money, I was excited. I was wondering is it really possible to work from home? And I came across many scams and… Read More »

How I Enrolled and Finished 25+ Online Courses (Study Hacks)

We know the benefits of online learning. Especially when students or working professionals want to learn online courses, only 3% of the learners are completing their courses. Course completion percentage is very very less. If you want to join and finish any online course, use these study tips and learn effectively without any hassle. I… Read More »

Free Digital Marketing Courses on Internet 2020

Digital marketing skills are important not just just for aspiring digital marketing marketers but also for business owners today. Successful business owners know what is digital marketing and how to leverage it for their business growth. Check these FREE online digital marketing courses with certifications. Basics of Digital Marketing Course Fundamentals of plays critical role… Read More »

The Best Content Marketing Book I Have Read

Recently I read Content INC book which was written by Joe Pulizzi who is the founder of content marketing institute (CMI) blog. I learnt many lessons regarding content marketing from this book. Every blog post is a landing page to get subscribers, that is how CMI does for their blog. This book gives a model… Read More »