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Lead Mentor Currently Works in a reputed Test Prep company in Dubai, UAE. Overall 19+ years of teaching and training work experience in the Education Industry. Kaplan Certified Verbal Reasoning Professional -GMAT, GRE , SAT,CAT,UCAT, LNAT and LSAT. Lead Mentor in Verbal Reasoning with more than a decade experience in test prep industry . Gold Medalist in English Essay writing ( AP, State Level). I learnt Digital Marketing from Digital John's online classes and ever since became a pragmatic Blogger, Content and Copy Writer.

The Power of Landing Pages:And Then There were None ! (Agatha Christie)

I would like to dedicate the title to Agatha Christie – And there were None. Her novels are extraordinary and impacted me a lot. In this novel she starts with a famous nursery rhyme – “Ten little boys went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there were nine…..Two little boys sitting… Read More »

How To Start Your Career in Content Writing?

Hey There!  Trust me, This is an honest question which pops up in everyone’s mind but would never dare to choose this career. I am not an exception though! Let me make it simple for you. Did any of your friends contact you or are still contacting you for resume editing, email drafts, cover letters,… Read More »