Become A Brand Personal Branding Book Review

By | November 7, 2019

Book Summary

This book clearly explains how you can build a personal brand through various social media platforms and blog. Sorav gave Indian case studies to understand how they built their personal brands on social media to drive traffic and revenue to their businesses. Sorav gave one personal branding blueprint to help you in building your personal brand from scratch. Sorav gave tasks to-do while reading this book. These tasks are the steps in building your personal brand.

This book released on September 12, 2019. I purchased on that day itself and read it completely.

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Contents of the book

  1. Why Personal Branding on Social Media?
  2. Formulating Your Personal Brand Strategy for Social Media
  3. LinkedIn for Personal Branding
  4. Twitter for Personal Branding
  5. Instagram for Personal Branding
  6. Facebook for Personal Branding
  7. Blogging for Personal Branding
  8. YouTube for Personal Branding
  9. Quora for Personal Branding
  10. Podcast for Personal Branding
  11. Personal Branding Blueprint

I read all the chapters from this book except Podcast chapter. I recommend you to read 1st and 2nd chapters first, because these chapters set foundation for next chapters. Then you can focus on which platform you can choose for building your personal brand. Sorav Jain gave Do’s and Don’ts on each platform in personal branding context with case studies. I thank him for giving Indian case studies and best practices.

Benefits of Reading

  1. Understanding the importance of personal branding
  2. How to build a personal brand from scratch
  3. How Personal Branding helps to build Business Brand
  4. How You can Monetise your Personal Brand
  5. Framework to build personal brand on each platform
  6. Personal Branding Blueprint