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How To Start Your Career in Content Writing?

Hey There!  Trust me, This is an honest question which pops up in everyone’s mind but would never dare to choose this career. I am not an exception though! Let me make it simple for you. Did any of your friends contact you or are still contacting you for resume editing, email drafts, cover letters,… Read More »

The Best Content Marketing Book I Have Read

Recently I read Content INC book which was written by Joe Pulizzi who is the founder of content marketing institute (CMI) blog. I learnt many lessons regarding content marketing from this book. Every blog post is a landing page to get subscribers, that is how CMI does for their blog. This book gives a model… Read More »

This 1 Content Marketing Metric You Must Track for Your Business

I will give you overall content marketing metrics to track for your business in this article. Let’s understand what are the metrics present in Content Marketing and what are metrics that are relevant to your business. Metrics List No. of Articles Published Pageviews Organic Traffic Bounce Rate Time Spent Social Shares Subscribers Revenue Keep a… Read More »

How to Understand Your Target Audience for Content Marketing?

Learn who are target audience and how to create user personas for your business. What are the tools to create user personas for your business. Who are Target Audience? According to Wikipedia Target Audience are A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a particular group of consumers within the… Read More »

How I Practised and Improved My Written Skills?

One year ago, I published one small article on How to Practice the Content Writing? I wrote this small article when my Quora answers reached 1,00,000 answer views. I am writing this article after reaching 2,00,000+ answer views on Quora. I answered 400+ answers on Quora Got 2 lakh above answer views Wrote 60+ articles… Read More »