How I Enrolled and Finished 25+ Online Courses (Study Hacks)

By | April 20, 2020

We know the benefits of online learning. Especially when students or working professionals want to learn online courses, only 3% of the learners are completing their courses. Course completion percentage is very very less. If you want to join and finish any online course, use these study tips and learn effectively without any hassle.

Study Tips for Online Learning by Digital John

Study Tips for Online Learning by Digital John

I learnt more than 25 online courses in last 3 years. I enrolled and finished courses. I am sharing my course learning experience and study tips for you. Let’s begin

Study Schedule

It’s important to have a study schedule especially when we are enrolling in self-paced online courses. Because these courses won’t have any deadline to finish. Course instructors offer lifetime access which makes us lazy. Create a study plan like one month or 2 month plan to finish the course when course instructor doesn’t provide you the stydy schedule.

Create a schedule and follow it regularly, stick to the time-table

Choose a study space in your home/hostel with reliable Internet access

Have a Goal before joining any course.

For example:  If you are enrolling in any “social media marketing” course, your goal can be “To become Social Media Rockstar” after finishing the course

Practice the Material

Usually, course instructor provides you the material, practice files, templates to practice. Practice these material after watching the lessons.

You can’t learn online courses without practicing from your end. Just watching tutorials are not enough.

I recommend you to take notes while watching the lessons. This notes helps you to check what you learnt, write doubts to reach instructor for clarification

Study Hacks

Study hacks for learning online courses

Avoid distractions

These distractions include logging in social media accounts, email and mobile phone notifications. To avoid these distractions, keep your mobile in flight mode, do not log in to your social media accounts or email account. Focus on learning the course.

Take breaks

Take short breaks while learning. I recommend you to take breaks between module to module or taking breaks after finishing one tutorial. So that you feel accomplished in your break.

Remember: Taking breaks increases your productivity and creativity

Reaching Instructors

While watching video tutorials, take notes and write all your doubts. Search and try to find solution by yourself through Google search and fix it. If you are not able to understand even after searching on internet, then reach course instructor with your doubts. You can also ask your doubts by joining in these digital marketing forums in India

Apply What You Learnt

Now you learnt online course and practiced the concepts by your own. This is time to think how it can be applied in your job or in your personal blog. Few concepts may not be applied for your own blog, you need to decide what applies for what and WHEN in digital marketing.

For example: you learnt about email marketing automation in online course, this can be applied for your blog by creating a small automation and workflow in your email marketing software dashboard.

All the best for your online learning, Please share this article and comment your doubts on online learning under comment section.

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