What are the Different Types of Copywriting?

A copywriter is someone who writes the material for all sorts of promotions for the internet and print media. It is a process which rigorously deals with brochures, advertisements, websites, emails, landing pages, etc. It needs a lot of creativity to grab the readers attention and it must be an innate talent for the writer.… Read More »

Free Digital Marketing Courses on Internet 2020

Digital marketing skills are important not just just for aspiring digital marketing marketers but also for business owners today. Successful business owners know what is digital marketing and how to leverage it for their business growth. Check these FREE online digital marketing courses with certifications. Basics of Digital Marketing Course Fundamentals of plays critical role… Read More »

Scope of SEO in India: Good or Bad?

Hi, I receive many questions from my digital marketing followers on social media regarding digital marketing. One digital marketing aspirant asked me, “John, is there any scope for SEO now? I want to know your view on SEO.”  Google is updating its algorithm everyday, then how can a SEO professional will sustain in his job?… Read More »

The Best Content Marketing Book I Have Read

Recently I read Content INC book which was written by Joe Pulizzi who is the founder of content marketing institute (CMI) blog. I learnt many lessons regarding content marketing from this book. Every blog post is a landing page to get subscribers, that is how CMI does for their blog. This book gives a model… Read More »