How I Practised and Improved My Written Skills?

By | November 7, 2019

One year ago, I published one small article on How to Practice the Content Writing?

I wrote this small article when my Quora answers reached 1,00,000 answer views.

I am writing this article after reaching 2,00,000+ answer views on Quora.

Digital John Writings

I answered 400+ answers on Quora

Got 2 lakh above answer views

Wrote 60+ articles in my blogs

Published one e-book on Local SEO (Telugu Language)


In 2016, I went to Quora to write answers for accountancy topic. I don’t have much knowledge on accounting to write. I chose computer hardware and video editing topic related questions and started answering for the questions. Because I have knowledge and work experience in those topics, I was able to write for those questions. Unknowingly, I wrote long answers as well. That gave enough confidence for me to start a blog and write exclusively on digital marketing to demonstrate my skills and expertise to the world.

My writing practise tip for you is to write what you can write. For example: if you have good knowledge on how to learn data science, then write on data science. Because you have knowledge to write. Here you may be hesitating to write inspite of having knowledge on a topic, don’t worry about your grammar and writing skills. Just start writing. You will be learning how to write better everyday.

Your writing skills will improve Eventually. Hence, start writing.


There’s always room for improvement, irrespective of how good write your articles, blog posts and ad copies. I recommend you to be in learning mode everyday. So that we try to learn new vocabulary and tips to improve daily. I have been improving for 3 years. The articles which I wrote 2 years back was not good. I deleted those articles from my blog because I felt those articles are not up to the mark.

I started writing digital marketing articles in Telugu language for Digital Badi blog. I was able to publish around 40 blog posts in Digital Badi so far. I write better in Telugu language.

So much to learn in content writing, content marketing and copy writing for me. These skills are different from each other and I am learning it by practising it. I didn’t learn content writing before 2016. I have been learning it since 2016. I will be learning it by writing.

Will you be learning?

I also published one e-book on Local SEO topic in Telugu language. I will try to translate it as soon as possible. I will update it on my blog after translation is done.

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