Scope of SEO in India: Good or Bad?

By | November 7, 2019

Hi, I receive many questions from my digital marketing followers on social media regarding digital marketing. One digital marketing aspirant asked me, “John, is there any scope for SEO now? I want to know your view on SEO.”¬†

Scope of SEO in India - Digital John

Google is updating its algorithm everyday, then how can a SEO professional will sustain in his job?

Few people talk that SEO is dead. But the fact is SEO is alive now. SEO will be alive until people stop using searching engines.

SEO is the core digital marketing area or module today.

In digital marketing, more jobs are available in paid ads, SEO, social media in India currently

Recently, YourStory published a book on “50 Business Ideas for the New Age Entrepreneur”. I read this book. I found SEO is also one business idea today to start as a SEO consultant, freelancer or starting an agency focused on giving SEO services.

Hence, there is a scope for SEO in India now. let’s check other details

Job Roles in SEO

  1. SEO Trainee
  2. SEO Analyst
  3. SEO Executive
  4. SEO Expert / Specialist

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Future of SEO?

Future is bright, I have been hearing “SEO is dead” phrase since 2016 when I started learning digital marketing. SEO will die only if people stop using search engines. This is the opinion of Rand Fishkin (Moz blog founder).

Job opportunities in SEO in India

More than 2265+ job opportunities are available in India currently in SEO. This data is from LinkedIn. If we check in other job portals, we can see even more job opportunities in SEO.


Above screenshot is a clear indication that job opportunities are still exist in SEO. demand for SEO jobs will increase as new businesses coming online in India. Not all the businesses in India are online now.

Monetising SEO Skill

  1. SEO Consultant
  2. SEO freelancer
  3. SEO Training
  4. Starting a SEO Agency

I chose SEO and Content Marketing  areas in digital marketing to master. I already learnt SEO but digging deep into the all SEO aspects. Content Marketing and SEO goes hand in hand, that is the reason to choose Content Marketing along with SEO. Feel free to reach me for your queries related to SEO and Content Marketing.

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