How to Become a SEO Specialist?

By | November 7, 2019

SEO professionals are one of the highly paid professionals in the digital marketing industry across the globe. It is also one of the problematic areas to master in digital marketing.

While there is a rise in the demand for SEO professionals in the industry, here are few quick pointers to help you master SEO.

Lay a strong foundation

While we understand how to master SEO skills, We suggest you to understand the mission of search engines.

For example, if you read the Google’s mission it states:

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Google changes its algorithm, but not it’s mission. – Digital John. Search engines focus has always been on the users. Relevancy and quality content are the 2 crucial qualities search engines look for. If you want to master SEO. First, you need to understand the internet user and cater to them with relevancy, high quality, and useful/valuable information.

You can always improve the knowledge in SEO by practicing it. However, in this article, we would like to give different facet in mastering SEO.

Understand Google Webmaster’s Guidelines

Don’t fall into black hat SEO tactics and practices. If Google blacklists your domain, your online assets are on risk. Don’t encourage black hat and gray hat SEO practices, always understand there is a fine line of difference between these, therefore being cautious and aware about your implementations and outcomes is essential.

Invest your time in understanding the Webmaster Guidelines and knowledge resources. Reach webmasters support forums for any assistance. You can find Google’s official webmasters forums on Google Plus. Learn Google Search Console (also called as Google Webmaster), Indexing the web pages, submitting the sitemap.

Understand the role of an SEO professional?

Work of the SEO professional starts with the objectives or goals of the Marketing department. Without setting the proper goals, you can’t proceed further. Setting the goals and hitting with the content marketing to reach the goals. In this process, SEO professional does keyword research, backlink analysis, competitive analysis, the technical part of the SEO (often related to website technology), on-page and off-page SEO, schema.

Learn Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel plays a crucial role in SEO works. Especially on the website auditing and link building. You need to master it. Currently, those who claim that they are the SEO specialists in the industry, most of them don’t know Microsoft Excel. You shouldn’t be one of them. We recommend you to Learn Microsoft Excel from corporate finance institute (CFI). Good news is it’s a free online course. Why do we need an MS-Excel? We explain you with a small example, suppose you are planning to write 5 articles for your blog. If you want to check the title length of the articles, you need to know the text functions in MS-Excel. While this is a small example you need to master MS-Excel eventually, it saves your time and increases your productivity in all your SEO works.

SEO in Voice & Image Search

Logics won’t change. The way we are giving the input is changing. Earlier it’s text, and now it’s voice. Ultimately, you are giving the input to search engine. Don’t worry too much about what happens if voice search takes over the market. Image search comes in the future. Search engines are fine-tuning their image processing algorithms to give relevant images when users search.

SEO for video content

SEO is not about the Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engines. YouTube is also considered as Search Engine. YouTube is the 2nd biggest Search engine in the world. The Internet is suffering a lack of video content. Just type whatever you want on google and check how the Google search algorithm fetches many video links, the numbers are minimal.

Therefore SEO professionals now have the opportunity to rank on Google with their Video content with proper video SEO. Learn Video SEO.

Join SEO communities & SEO Blog email lists

SEO communities

Best SEO forums are on the Slack platform. Join in the SEO related forums. Check out this article for the SEO communities details. Approval for these communities takes time. Wait till you get notified by them. Use Slack mobile app and desktop app.

SEO blogs

Almost all the SEO paid tools have their blogs to educate you on SEO. I recommend you to follow any top 4 SEO related blogs and join in their email lists. So that you don’t miss any update from them. Follow their twitter handle as well. Use mobile twitter app and enable mobile notifications on Twitter. So that you won’t miss any critical update from them.


Don’t worry about whether you can master this SEO or not. You can become a right SEO professional shortly. We recommend you to start learning from today. All the best for your SEO Journey.

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