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Meetup and Workshop on Content Marketing & Career Management

Hello Everyone!! Are you excited to meet your fellow Marketers on 14th September? After a very long gap and on demand we have come up for the next Meetup of Digital marketers in Hyderabad. The meetup is planned for the coming 2nd Saturday 14th of September at Jigyasa studios ameerpet at 2 pm ..!! This… Read More »

Learn Email Marketing | Step by Step Guide for Marketers

In this article you will learn What is Email Marketing? Metrics in Email Marketing How to building an email list? Best practices to avoid spam Email Marketing Softwares Email Automation New Technologies in Email marketing What is email marketing? According to the Wikipedia, “Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a… Read More »

Are You Struggling to Learn Digital Marketing?

I observed few students while learning digital marketing. Either online mode or classroom training. They really struggle to learn digital marketing. Few students gave up digital marketing for various reasons.  Here I suggest few tips which make you to streamline your learning experience to become good digital marketing over the period. Focus on Basics Digital… Read More »

How to Become a SEO Specialist?

SEO professionals are one of the highly paid professionals in the digital marketing industry across the globe. It is also one of the problematic areas to master in digital marketing. While there is a rise in the demand for SEO professionals in the industry, here are few quick pointers to help you master SEO. Lay… Read More »

Why Digital Marketers need to Blog?

I am writing this post which is completely based on my personal experience. I will be sharing few interesting facts from my blogging journey. Five benefits of Blogging Improves writing skills Updating the digital skills WordPress skills Social Media Skills Personal Brand I treat my blog as my R&D (Research and Development) Lab. Where I… Read More »