How to Understand Your Target Audience for Content Marketing?

By | November 7, 2019

Learn who are target audience and how to create user personas for your business. What are the tools to create user personas for your business.

Who are Target Audience?

According to Wikipedia Target Audience are

target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a particular group of consumers within the predetermined target market, identified as the targets or recipients for a particular advertisement or message.

How to Understand Your Target Audience for Content Marketing?

Let me explain Target Audience in simple terms:

If you are selling pens, students come under your target audience. People who may become your customer by buying your product or service in future.

What are User Personas?

User personas are fictional representations of your target audience. It helps us to understand with whom you are talking or writing.

Synonyms for User Persona

  • Buyer Persona
  • Customer Avatar
  • Ideal Avatar

Reasons to create user personas?

  1. It helps you to understand both the existing and prospective customers.
  2. It helps to understand the interests, disposable income and their concerns
  3. It helps you to communicate them clearly through content assets
  4. It helps you in which social media platforms you need to choose and focus

How to create user personas?

Key Elements in Creating User persona

  1. Name – name of the persona
  2. Location – where is the persona from?
  3. Age – How old is this persona?
  4. Gender – What gender is this persona?
  5. Education Level – What level of education?
  6. Job Title – What position does he hold?
  7. Income level – All his sources of income ( Job and other sources of income)
  8. Relationship – Current relationship status
  9. Languages – All the languages spoken by persona
  10. Interests – Things that they like to do
  11. Favourite websites – All the websites they frequently visit
  12. Buying Motivation – what is the 1 factor that motivates
  13. Buying concerns – What are the factors that is concerning

You can create user persona manually by entering the data in a spreadsheet or use persona creation online tools. Hubspot has a tool called Make My Persona to create user persona for you.

Remember, your user persona is not static, you can change it whenever you get new insights from your prospects and customers. Hence, user persona is dynamic.

How to collect this information?

The information which we are putting to create user persona need not be 100% accurate. We can take assumptions and put information whatever we can put. As I said, it is dynamic. We can update it once in a month once or bi-monthly. If you have existing customers, you can take their details to create it. You can call them and have a conversation which won’t sound like survey or market research. Keep a pen and paper with you to write the insights and update the user personas. Facebook Audience Insights also gives data. Check Google Analytics Audience dashboard to get insights.

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